Bitfloor Refunds All Users Money Starting Today

The moment many former Bitfloor users have been waiting for is finally here. After months of infrequent, information sparse communications from the Bitfloor exchange managment left users frustrated to say the least. Many doubted the money would ever be returned

Bitfloor’s Customers May See Resolution Soon

In a non-official update from the AudenX email list there has allegedly been significant traction in the process to return funds to Bitfloor’s Depositors. These funds have been in limbo Since early April when the website’s main bank account was

Unofficial update to the Bitfloor Saga

A Reddit user, AudenX, has pioneered the effort to keep the resolution of the Bitfloor situation moving forward. In an email sent out to concerned Bitfloor customers who have money tied up with Bitfloor since the sudden shut down over

Government Regulation of Bitcoin

Dwolla was a major funding source for individuals who need to transmit dollars to the MTGOX Bitcoin trading accounts. The MTGOX account at DWOLLA a US based company was frozen at the request of the DHS supposedly over concerns of