Bitcoin Lightning Network Infographic

/u/billycoin put together a fantastic infographic that we just had to share with everyone. If you were struggling to understand the use cases for Bitcoin Lightning Network or how it will look once adopted look no further. The png pdf

Shapeshifting your way to more Bitcoin!

Or should we say how to sell your Bcash (BCH) for Bitcoin! In light of recent events in the Bitcoin space specifically that of the new forked coin on the scene called Bcash (BCH), we finally looked into the

Bitcoin may be a natural fit for the Post Office

The most recent news about Bitcoins is that the United States Postal Service might get into Bitcoins. Although it is quite unusual, this is something that they are really looking at. Recently, an online forum on Reddit started discussion on

A look back at Bitcoin in 2013

The currency started to gain popularity early in the year 2013 as a result of the Cyprus banking crisis. In March 2013, the Cyprus government announced a bail-in for banks. This meant that the financial institutions would have to impose

Bitcoins Global Reserve Currency Dreams

The rapid growth of the value of a Bitcoin, raises an important thought experiment – can a digital currency turn into a reserve currency? The Bitcoin’s characteristics make it a prime candidate to act as a reserve currency, given its relatively