Bitcoin Blockchain explained in Infographic

This is a phenomenal visual breakdown and explanation for what the blockchain is what the blockchain does, It is obviously simplified but still a great break down of the Bitcoin Blockchain in infographic format.

Is the spectre of Bitcoin regulation a sign of a mature market?

At the Bitcoin 2013 conference talk turned to the impending government regulation of Bitcoin. The conference featured a panel or keynote each day covering “Regulatory and Economic Issues” . Additionally the executive director of the Bitcoin foundation, Peter Vessenes, went as far as processing more than $5M per month

It has been reported the Bitcoin payment Processor is already conducting over $5M per month in transactions for over 2000 businesses. They recently secured an additional $2M in funding from VC’s that will be used to hire additional staff. 

Government Regulation of Bitcoin

Dwolla was a major funding source for individuals who need to transmit dollars to the MTGOX Bitcoin trading accounts. The MTGOX account at DWOLLA a US based company was frozen at the request of the DHS supposedly over concerns of

Is blocked for U.S. Players? Not exactly

This morning reports surfaced on Reddit that “Beginning tomorrow, Thursday May 16, will close to US players and all US-based IP’s will be blocked from the website. ” Have no fear this announcement is all bark with no bit.