DigitalMagus7 Release Bitcoin 2013 Conference Video

If you couldn’t make it the Bitcoin 2013 conference in person, have no fear a generous Bitcoin enthusiast has made a 17 video playlist from the event available on youtube.   Team Bitcoin gives this guy a lot of props

Khan Academy Releases Bitcoin Learning Video

Bitcoin Learning Khan Academy the free learning website has taken notice of Bitcoin and released an excellent video. Bitcoin seems daunting on the surface to many non-IT people. The word cryptography or encryption is enough for most people to zone

Bitcoins Desirable Characteristics

Bitcoin has several desirable qualities that make it an attractive option to today’s paper fiat currency. This article will kick off a series focusing on the unique characteristics and qualities that make Bitcoins stand out as a leader of currencies.

MT Gox Announces Mandatory Identity Verification

In what is surely a direct response to the recent shutdown of Liberty Reserve and DWOLLA businesses on money laundering allegations MT. GOX announced on there website today that they will only accept currency deposits from verified account holders. Users

No Bitcoin in Paypals immediate future

Despite the 80%+ of people polled by Paypal wanting to ditch there wallet for wireless transactions with there smartphones or some similar solution, Bitcoin won’t be in the cards for Paypal until it becomes regulated. The Paypal CEO, David Marcus

Unofficial update to the Bitfloor Saga

A Reddit user, AudenX, has pioneered the effort to keep the resolution of the Bitfloor situation moving forward. In an email sent out to concerned Bitfloor customers who have money tied up with Bitfloor since the sudden shut down over

Bitcoin Blockchain explained in Infographic

This is a phenomenal visual breakdown and explanation for what the blockchain is what the blockchain does, It is obviously simplified but still a great break down of the Bitcoin Blockchain in infographic format.

Is the spectre of Bitcoin regulation a sign of a mature market?

At the Bitcoin 2013 conference talk turned to the impending government regulation of Bitcoin. The conference featured a panel or keynote each day covering “Regulatory and Economic Issues” . Additionally the executive director of the Bitcoin foundation, Peter Vessenes, went as far as processing more than $5M per month

It has been reported the Bitcoin payment Processor is already conducting over $5M per month in transactions for over 2000 businesses. They recently secured an additional $2M in funding from VC’s that will be used to hire additional staff. 

Government Regulation of Bitcoin

Dwolla was a major funding source for individuals who need to transmit dollars to the MTGOX Bitcoin trading accounts. The MTGOX account at DWOLLA a US based company was frozen at the request of the DHS supposedly over concerns of