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Bitcoin Learning Resources List

We understand Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency can be intimidating, and even for us there is more to learn everyday after all these years. However, we have tried to track down some helpful sources. Take a look and start your journey into Bitcoin today.


Bitcoin Learning Resource Description Company Category Type
Then and Now: Key Bitcoin Stats and Figures Then and Now: Key Bitcoin Stats and Figures Virtual CapitalistHistoryInforgraphic
Bitcoin: The Encryption Standard Bitcoin: The Encryption Standard Virtual CapitalistHistoryInforgraphic
50 Interesting Bitcoin Facts 50 Interesting Bitcoin Facts Virtual CapitalistHistoryInforgraphic
Bitcoin: Top Performing Currency For a Second Year in a Row Bitcoin: Top Performing Currency For a Second Year in a Row Virtual CapitalistHistoryInforgraphic
bitcoin-halving-infographic bitcoin-halving-infographic Virtual CapitalistHistoryInforgraphic
The Bitcoin Universe Explained This infographic explains the wide ranges of the Bitcoin universe, accompanied with quotes from some of its best-known business leaders. Virtual CapitalistHistoryInforgraphic
Chart: How Bitcoin Reached Parity With Gold CHARTING THE FAST AND VOLATILE RISE OF BITCOIN Virtual CapitalistHistoryInforgraphic
The Definitive History of Bitcoins This visual infographic provides an excelletnly illustrated history of the Bitcoins from the year 2008 to 2013 Virtual CapitalistHistoryInforgraphic
Bitcoin: What is it? This video explains what a Bitcoin actually is. Giving intuitive examples, it carefully goes through all the basic fundamentals needed to understand what a Bitcoin is. Khan AcademyIntroductionVideos
Bitcoin: Overview This video explains the whole Bitcoin System in a nutshell. It covers the chain of processes involved from the intital point to the final point of a Bitcoin transaction. Khan AcademyOverviewVideos
Bitcoin: Cryptographic Hash functions This video explains cryptographic hash functions and their application in information security. It talks about the process of cryptography in a generic form, providing some examples. Khan AcademyCryptographyVideos
Bitcoin: Digital Signatures This video explains the meaning of digital signatures and their importance in cryptographic applications such as information security. Khan AcademyCryptographyVideos
Bitcoin: Transaction Records This video explains the path of a Bitcoin transaction, explaining it as a set of records in a digital ledger, signed digitally. Khan AcademyTransactionsVideos
Bitcoin: Proof of Work This video provides a logical proof for the Bitcoin protocol. It using simple mathematical calculations to better describe the Bitcoin protocol. Khan AcademyProof of WorkVideos
Bitcoin: Transaction Block Chains This video explains the transaction block chains in the Bitcoin protocol. It provides a hierarchial explanation for transaction block chains. Khan AcademyBlock ChainVideos
Bitcoin: The Money Supply This video talks about the money supply to the Bitcoin market. Detailing the process of money supply, it also provides a detailed insight into all the sources of money of the Bitcoin protocol. Khan AcademyOtherVideos
Bitcoin: The Security of Transaction Block Chains This video talks about the security concerns and incentives of the Bitcoins transaction block chain protocol. Khan AcademySecurityVideos
How Bitcoin Works Under the Hood This typographic, animated video wonderfully illustrates the working of the Bitcoin protocol from the starting to the end point. Curious InventorTransactionsVideos
Bitcoin: Everything about Bitcoins This iPhone application explains everything one needs to know about Bitcoins in an organized format. It is a free digital course on Bitcoins through videos. Udemy / Bitcoin Education ProjectIntroductioniPhone Application
Free Bitcoins This Android application provides a list of websites where one can find free Bitcoins. Bitty AppsApplicationsAndroid Application
Bitcoin Mining Guide This webpage explains the Bitcoin Mining process, hardware and sotware in detail through text and video documentation. We Use CoinsMiningWebsite
What is Bitcoin? This youtube animated video gives a brief explanation of what a bitcoin is. We Use CoinsIntroductionVideos
Bitcoin: Getting Started This webpage provides a step wise process of getting started with a Bitcoin transaction. It also provides specific links of places to find, trade and sell Bitcoins. We Use CoinsIntroductionWebsite
Intoduction to Bitcoins This webpage provides lectures on introduction to bitcoins, economics of bitcoins and application of bitcoins. It has a series of videos to explain coneten effectively. Oditorium UniversityIntroductionWebsite
Bitcoin vs Gold: The Future of Money This video is a debate about Bitcoin vs Gold. It draws some key parallels from the Gold market and explains how Bitcoins can be advantagoues in some cases. The Bit BillionaireFutureVideos
Paul Kemp-Robertson: Bitcoin. Sweat. Tide. Meet the future of branded currency This TED video compares the bitcoins to day-to-day used products and draws intelligent parallels to better explain Bitcoins. TEDFutureVideos
Bitcoin London 2013: Cryptocurrency is the future of money, banking and finance This London 2013 Summit video talks about how cryptocurrencies, Bitcoins to be specific, are the future of money, banking and financial sectors. Coin SummitFutureVideos
Bitcoin Training Series This website provides embedded videos explaining all aspects of Bitcoins such as Security, Setting up a Wallet, Acquiring Bitcoins, Bitcoin Mining and Current Trends in Bitcoins. CBT NuggetsOverviewWebsite
Bitcoin Glossary This webpage provides a glossary of Bitcoin related terms. Git Hub IncGlossaryWebsite
Bitcoin Mining Guide This website provides a all the necessary information for mining bitcoins, such as Mining process, Mining Hardware, Mining Software and how to get started. Bitcoin MiningMiningWebsite
How a Bitcoin Transaction Works? This infographic visually explains the bitcoin transaction process. Visual.lyTransactionsInforgraphic
Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System The original thesis paper by Satoshi Nakamoto, describing how the Bitcoin works. Bitcoin.orgOverviewThesis Paper
Bitcoin 101: What is the Digital Currency? This video briefly explains what a digital currency and a Bitcoin is! Bloomberg NewsIntroductionVideos
Bitcoin Podcasts This website offers a wide range of podcasts on Bitcoins, ranging from mining to bitcoin news. Let's Talk BitcoinOverviewPodcast
Where can I use my Bitcoins? This video briefly explains the uses of Bitcoin. In general, this website facilitate Bitcoin Trading Itty Bitty ExchangeUsesVideos
An Introduction to Bitcoin This website offers a wide range of resources where one can learn about Bitcoin, its merchants, consumers and miners! Bitcoin IntroIntroductionWebsite
Bitcoin Legal Resources This website contains various legal resources of Bitcoin, such as articles and case studies. Bitcoin LawLegal ResourcesWebsite
Bitcoin: A Technical Introduction This video gives a detailed technical introduction to Bitcoin. Bitcoin Fans CommunityIntroductionVideos
Bitcoin - OTC registering and authing This video gives a detailed introduction to over the counter trading of Bitcoin Bitcoin Fans CommunityTradingVideos
Bitcoin Quick Tutorial and Overview This video gives a detailed overview of Bitcoin introduction Bitcoin Fans CommunityOverviewVideos
Introduction to Bitcoin This youtube video gives a brief introduction to Bitcoin Bitcoin Fans CommunityIntroductionVideos
An Introduction to Bitfilm and Bitcoin This video was featured in the Bitfilm festival. It focus on the digital currency: Bitcoin Bitcoin Fans CommunityIntroductionVideos
Bitcoin for Beginners - Learn How to Mine Bitcoin This video explains Bitcoin Mining in a detailed manner. Bitcoin Fans CommunityMiningVideos
The Truth About Bitcoin This video explains the future of Bitcoin by comparing it with Gold Bitcoin Fans CommunityFutureVideos
Bitcoin Overview This video gives an overview of Bitcoins Bitcoin Fans CommunityOverviewVideos
Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Crash Course With Andreas Antonopoulos This video is a crash course which explains the whole concept of Bitcoin Bitcoin Fans CommunityOverviewVideos
Why Bitcoin's Future is Bright This video explains why the future of Bitcoin is bright. Bitcoin Fans CommunityFutureVideos
Bitcoin Guide (Part 1 - Fundamentals) This video gives an introduction to Bitcoin and explains the Botcin fundamentals effectively. The Breaking BitIntroductionVideos
Bitcoin Guide (Part 2 - The Blockchain) This video explain the Bitcoin transaction process along with the Transaction Block Chain The Breaking BitTransactionsVideos
Bitcoin Guide (Part 3 - Generating) This video explains how to generate Bitcoins The Breaking BitMiningVideos
Bitcoin Guide (Part 4 - Controlled Supply) This video explains some key economic concepts of the Bitcoin structure. The Breaking BitOtherVideos
Bitcoin Tutorial This website archive provides links to Mining resources Bitcoin RigsMiningWebsite
Bitcoin Links This website provides numerous links to Bitcoin guides, news, articles, exchanges, statistics and even places to trade Bitcoins Cryptocurrency.orgOtherWebsite
Bitcoin Resources This website provides numerous links to bitcoin services in Canada. BitcoinadaOtherWebsite
Bitcoin Resources This website provides Bitcoin resource links Bitcoin WorldOtherWebsite
Bitcoin Glossary This website explains some commonly used Bitcoin terms Bitcoin WorldGlossaryWebsite
Free Bitcoins This website provides numerous links to places where you can find free Bitcoins Daily BitcoinOtherWebsite
History of Bitcoin This website provides an illustrated and animated timeline of the History of Bitcoin
Bitcoin Links This website is the hub of Bitcoin resources, it provides a complete list of resources for ever aspect fo Bitcoin. Bitcoin NewsAdditionalWebsite
Bitcoin Resources This website provides Bitcoin resource links Coin ListAdditionalWebsite
Bitcoin Videos This website is embedded with several youtube videos about Bitcoins Bitcoin NewsAdditionalWebsite
What is Bitcoin? This website is embedded with a couple of youtube videos explaining what is Bitcoin. Bitcoin NewsIntroductionWebsite
Bitcoin Charts This website has charts of Bitcoin value on every major Bitcoin Exchange. It also provides daily, weekly and yearly charts. Bitcoin ChartsAdditionalWebsite
Bitcoin 101: How to make a Digital Currency - Beginner's guide to the Thoughts of Satoshi This video breifly explains the introduction of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin in specific. BitcoinulaIntroductionVideos
The future of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies This video briefly explains how the Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can survive in the long run, and what the future holds for them. BitcoinulaFutureVideos
Bitcoin Wiki This wikipedia page has everything one needs to know about Bitcoins. WikipediaAdditionalWebsite
Block Chain This live website keep a track of all transactions in the Bitcoin Transaction Block Chain. Block ChainBlock ChainWebsite
What is a Bitcoin? This animated youtube video briefly explains the Bitcoin concept in a comical way! Ozzy BitcoinIntroductionVideos
Banker's Worst Fear This video is a animated documentary about Bitcoin. Vision VictoryIntroductionVideos
Bitcoin Videos This is a youtube channel that posts videos on everything about Bitcoin. Mad BitcoinGeneralVideos
Bitcoin Videos This is a youtube channel that posts videos on everything about Bitcoin. Bitcoin World NetworkGeneralVideos
Bitcoin - The Movie This video is an animated version of How Bitcoin works. Bitcoin DeutschlandOverviewVideos
A New Kind of Money This is a Money Talks video that breifly explains the origin of Bitcoin, summarizing what a Bitcoin is. Money TalksOverviewVideos
Bitcoin: Liberating Organic Farmers This video explains how Bitcoins are helping organic farmers liberate from problematic clutches. Bitcoin FilmApplicationsVideos
Bitcoin Videos This is a youtube channel that posts videos on everything about Bitcoin. Bitcoin FilmGeneralVideos
What is a Bitcoin? This animated video gives an introduction to Bitcoin Funk-e StudiosOverviewVideos
Bitcoin on Click This BBC news video gives a brief description of what a Bitcoin is, the transaction process and some additional features. BBCOverviewVideos
Basics of Bitcoin This animated video effectively explains the working of the Bitcoin system. Faster TutorialsIntroductionVideos
Winklevoss Twins Explain Bitcoin In this video, the Winklevoss Twins (the most eminent Bitcoiners) explain the Bitcoin Lord RothschildOverviewVideos
Neo and Bee Bitcoin This animated video effectively explains the working of the Bitcoin system. Crypto CyprusIntroductionVideos
Regulation and Bitcoin This video shows Jerry Brito explain the Bitcoin regulation. Cato Institute VideoLegal ResourcesVideos
What's the Deal with Bitcoins This video explains the Bitcoin system in an animated way BIPSIntroductionVideos
How to explain Bitcoin to a five year old? This website describes how to explain Bitcoin to a five year old. QuoraOverviewWebsite
Bitcoin Simplified This website explains some key aspects of Bitcoin. Bitcoin SimplifiedOverviewWebsite
What is Bitcoin cryptocurrency? This website explains the Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency. Coin PursuitIntroductionWebsite
Bitcoin Tutorial This website is an educational faucet by the Stanford Bitcoin group. It has tutorials for every stage of a Bitcoin transaction. Try BTCGeneralWebsite
Bitcoin 101 This website explains the Bitcoin system and its working. iHeartBitcoinsOverviewWebsite
Resources This webpage extensively provides resources to Bitcoin studies, markets, wallets, news, exchanges and videos. CoinalityAdditionalWebsite
Bitcoin Resources This wesite provides a list of Bitcoin resources and some key question and answers Milly BitcoinAdditionalWebsite
Atlantic City's Bitcoin Consulting Service This website provides some key FAQ-typed answers about Bitcoin. AC BitcoinGeneralWebsite