Shapeshifting your way to more Bitcoin!

Or should we say how to sell your Bcash (BCH) for Bitcoin! In light of recent events in the Bitcoin space specifically that of the new forked coin on the scene called Bcash (BCH), we finally looked into the

Startup Stock Exchange Now Accepts Bitcoin

For entrepreneurs all over the world, finding a source of funding is one of the most problematic aspects of their entrepreneurial experience. Finding investors could be as painstaking as coming up with an innovative idea to start a new venture.

So you want to buy bitcoin with a credit card…

Bitcoin for credit card Review Got Visa? MasterCard? Amex? Well….good! With the Bitcoin craze building up day by day, new investors are always looking for easier ways to buy Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a digital enterprise in a sense, and young

Ecoins launches as new Brazilian Bitcoin / Litecoin exchange

Bitcoin is on the rise in Brazil, in fact, in October 2013, Brazil introduced a law that allowed for the regulation of Bitcoin. This shows the extent to which Bitcoin acceptance is growing in Brazil. In this fast growing Bitcoin

Mt. Gox final days….errr hours

Mt. Gox is in turmoil. Its remaining customers are disheartened, confused, baffled and host of other more angry sounding adjectives. Mt. Gox, had halted withdrawals earlier this month due to a technical glitch in its system (Transaction Malleability DDOS). and

Coinsetter Beta Walk-through screenshots

We received our beta testing code for Coinsetter today and jumped right into give it a test spin. Coinsetter is the new exchange on the block offering margin trading options. For more details on the company and its founders click

Unofficial update to the Bitfloor Saga

A Reddit user, AudenX, has pioneered the effort to keep the resolution of the Bitfloor situation moving forward. In an email sent out to concerned Bitfloor customers who have money tied up with Bitfloor since the sudden shut down over