Privacy and Safety while dealing with Bitcoins

The Bitcoin system is probably the most transparent payment system in the world, since anyone with a node can track a transaction. But, when cautiously used the Bitcoin offers high levels of privacy. The privacy that the Bitcoin market offers

Major Advantages of Bitcoin

Typing “Bitcoin” in Google search would give you a million articles on news related to Bitcoin – “Bitcoin ATM opens in Canada, A major Bitcoin Exchange halts trading, Bitcoin traders make millions in just a few days,” and what not!

DigitalMagus7 Release Bitcoin 2013 Conference Video

If you couldn’t make it the Bitcoin 2013 conference in person, have no fear a generous Bitcoin enthusiast has made a 17 video playlist from the event available on youtube.   Team Bitcoin gives this guy a lot of props

Khan Academy Releases Bitcoin Learning Video

Bitcoin Learning Khan Academy the free learning website has taken notice of Bitcoin and released an excellent video. Bitcoin seems daunting on the surface to many non-IT people. The word cryptography or encryption is enough for most people to zone