Privacy and Safety while dealing with Bitcoins

The Bitcoin system is probably the most transparent payment system in the world, since anyone with a node can track a transaction. But, when cautiously used the Bitcoin offers high levels of privacy. The privacy that the Bitcoin market offers

Major Advantages of Bitcoin

Typing “Bitcoin” in Google search would give you a million articles on news related to Bitcoin – “Bitcoin ATM opens in Canada, A major Bitcoin Exchange halts trading, Bitcoin traders make millions in just a few days,” and what not!

So you want to buy bitcoin with a credit card…

Bitcoin for credit card Review Got Visa? MasterCard? Amex? Well….good! With the Bitcoin craze building up day by day, new investors are always looking for easier ways to buy Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a digital enterprise in a sense, and young

Ecoins launches as new Brazilian Bitcoin / Litecoin exchange

Bitcoin is on the rise in Brazil, in fact, in October 2013, Brazil introduced a law that allowed for the regulation of Bitcoin. This shows the extent to which Bitcoin acceptance is growing in Brazil. In this fast growing Bitcoin

Mt. Gox final days….errr hours

Mt. Gox is in turmoil. Its remaining customers are disheartened, confused, baffled and host of other more angry sounding adjectives. Mt. Gox, had halted withdrawals earlier this month due to a technical glitch in its system (Transaction Malleability DDOS). and

Mt. Gox shuts down withdrawals, Now Bitstamp, Transaction Malleability DDOS on the bitcoin network

 The oldest, Tokyo based Bitcoin currency exchange, Mt.Gox holds 21% of all exchanged Bitcoins by volume. This weekend the bitcoin price headed south drastically, losing about $400 in less than 48 hours to momentarily fall to $540 (as shown in

The Apple – Bitcoin Rift

Apple, the technology giant that revolutionized phones, music players and laptops, has taken down BlockChain (Figure 1), the last iPhone application used to buy and sell Bitcoins. Having been downloaded about 120,000 times from the App Store, the app was

Bitcoin may be a natural fit for the Post Office

The most recent news about Bitcoins is that the United States Postal Service might get into Bitcoins. Although it is quite unusual, this is something that they are really looking at. Recently, an online forum on Reddit started discussion on

Tax Season for Bitcoiners

The start of every calendar year brings the same trouble for most of the investors all over the world: filing tax returns. Adding up all possible incomes earned in the year and filing the tax returns is quite troublesome for

Is the state of New York regulating the Bitcoin market?

In October 2013, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) arrested Ross William Ulbricht, the alleged founder of the online black market site Silk Road, on charges of alleged murder for hire and drug trafficking violations. According to a federal complaint,