WARNING: Bitcoin.com is a Roger Ver fraud duping visitors into buying Bcash (BCH) instead of Bitcoin (BTC)

Normally, I would consider our position on the crypto-markets as a whole as very egalitarian. We don’t seek to use our website to talk poorly about other crypto currencies or projects in the space. However, there is a great fraud being perpetuated on unknowing Bitcoin newbies. The website Bitcoin.com is owned by former Bitcoin supporter Roger Ver. He has used the notoriety of owning this domain to outright dupe,trick and defraud new users into buying his altcoin Bcash (trading symbol BCH). I won’t cover the long and drama filled history of Bcash but in short, Bcash supporters created a new alt coin a few months ago so they could pursue their “ideal” version of the best blockchain technology. There is nothing wrong with this inherently, there are thousands of cryptos and most if not all of them take bits and pieces from other coins and incorporate them into their technology. This has happened with bitcoin several times now with many different spin offs taking place. They essentially pick a point of time in the future and place a cutoff point where the blockchain will split (fork) and create two blockchains. Bitcoin’s Blockchain continues onward as it was and the new alt-coin spin-off blockchain continues on independent of the original with new protocol rules in place, however it retains the history up until the split.

Update 2 (1-5-2017): @bitcoin twitter handle has been hijacked

This account has been hijacked and is actively being used as many months of no activity to pump the Roger Ver bcash (BCH) Alt coin and the Bitcoin.com Roger Ver owned domain. The obvious scam here is more brand hijacking, taking over a popular handle and routing traffic to bitcoin.com which we have already established aims to destroy bitcoin and trick new users.

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@bitcoin twitter handle and bitcoin.com are Roger Ver Bcash scams

Update 1 (12-20-2017): Roger Ver Background

So Roger Ver was one of those people in the right place at the right time when bitcoin was released he early on bought himself a huge stash for pennies on the Dollar. His net worth in Bitcoin today is likely hundreds of millions but nobody is certain. However, what is certain is he thinks he can use his status to bully an coerce Bitcoin into submission to his “vision”. He can do this in s number of ways, directly manipulating markets is only one of them.

  • Roger Ver has a LONG HISTORY OF ATTACKING BITCOIN. Bcash isn’t his first Pumping scheme, He was adamant supporter of Bitcoin Unlimited, BitcoinXT, and other Alts. When Bcash launched he used his ownership of those domains to push his wallet on these sites:

List of failed attempts he promoted
Bitcoin Classic
Bitcoin Unlimited

Bitcoin Cash suggested wallets on:
BitcoinXT domain
BitcoinClassic domain
BitcoinUnlimited domain

So why is Bcash (BCH) a fraud perpetuated by Bitcoin.com and Roger Ver?

Using his podium Roger Ver is doing a classic bait and switch with his Bitcoin.com website. Users arrive at this website after reading the news headlines and searching for how to buy bitcoin. Once on the website Roger Ver funnels the users towards his Bcash Wallet and misleads them into buying Bcash instead of Bitcoin. How does he achieve this:

  1. He outright claims Bcash (BCH) is really Bitcoin (source: Roger Ver BRAZENLY Brags about defrauding the million visitors to his website) in fact he rages in anger when he is corrected that his altcoin isn’t Bitcoin. Roger Ver is a walking cliché, he really thinks if he repeats something enough it will be true. 
  2. He puts out a Mobile App for a “bitcoin wallet” that again dupes users into buying Bcash instead (source: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bitcoin.mwallet) and Roger Ver Bait and Switch https://bitcoinist.com/bait-and-switch-controversial-bitcoin-com-wallet-defaults-to-bitcoin-cash/  
  3. Stale development/No developing Purporting to be the real bitcoin, Bcash (bch) github doesn’t even have a reference client. They’ll claim that the BitcoinUnlimited and Bitcoin-ABC implementations “support Bcash” but supporting Bcash as a wallet doesn’t equal a vibrant dev community. Compared to any other “active cryptocurrency” , Bcash development is a dead zone ghost town yet Roger Claims a robust and larger than Bitcoin community (Source: https://github.com/BitcoinUnlimited/BitcoinUnlimited/pulse/monthly  and https://github.com/Bitcoin-ABC/bitcoin-abc/pulse/monthly )
  4. Satoshi’s Vision, Religious Zealotry, the modern-day “I’m the pope and Only God can communicate with me directly and I’m the only one fit to interpret his word” , using an appeal to authority Roger Ver is co-opting the naming and branding of Bitcoin and then claiming it is his right as granted by God (Satoshi) . (Source: Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System Original Bitcoin White paper and they have stolen the branding

If you have more resources that demonstrate this Roger Ver Bcash Scam please submit them:

More misc sources documenting this Bcash (BCH) Bitcoin.com Roger Ver Fraud

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