Unboxing and Setup of a Trezor Bitcoin Hardware Wallet

Trezor Unboxing

We recently located an unopened trezor in our stash so we decided to deliver a quick two part video showing the unboxing and initial setup. The interesting part of the unboxing was the difficulty in actually opening the box! This was by design, Trezor wanted to create a box that was not just difficult to open but would be blatantly obvious if it had been tampered with. As you can see even with a knife I was forced to result to a brute force method leaving the box clearly destroyed/damaged.

Initial Trezor Bitcoin Wallet Setup

This next video, also very brief will take you through the initial set up steps for using your Trezor. As you will see the whole process takes less than 5 minutes and is certainly accessible to the non-techies out there. In this video we updated the firmware to version 1.5.2 after being prompted to do so.

Hope you found these helpful in some way if you’d like to see some specific content let us know and we’ll try and get that for you.

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