Bitcoin SEGWIT wallet support

Segwit is here!

Yes SEGWIT (Segregated Witness) is finally here! But if you are like us we wanted to know how can we use it? Of course if you are advanced you can build your own transaction from scratch but we won’t be covering that here. This post will serve as a placeholder to list all the wallets that currently support segwit transactions.

Bitcoin Wallets with SEGWIT support


  • Trezor announced segwit support in their beta weallet. We love trezor, if you have one already firmware 1.5.2 will allow you easily move your coins to the new wallet address format
  • Ledger hardware wallets have also added support. Ledger is another phenomenal hardware wallet
  • GreenAddress – The safer Bitcoin wallet that puts you in control

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To check on segwit adoption check back here or check out

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