Shapeshifting your way to more Bitcoin!

Or should we say how to sell your Bcash (BCH) for Bitcoin!

In light of recent events in the Bitcoin space specifically that of the new forked coin on the scene called Bcash (BCH), we finally looked into the service. For those that aren’t aware, Shapeshift is designed to make it as easy as possible to seamlessly “shift” between cryptocurrencies. What this means in reality is there is no sign up required! That’s right, no KYC, no email required, nothing! The result of this is the smoothest exchange experience we’ve ever had. Let’s run through the process:

  • You’ll see the interface gives you the choice of which crypto you will deposit and what crypto you want to receive in exchange. They support many different crypto’s and ICO’s too if you’re into that thing.
Select assets to shift
Exchange instantly into dozens of crypto’s and ICO’s
  • The only other option at this point is do you want it right away “quick” or do you want to minimize slippage in the exchange rate “precise”. If you are unsure which to choose, if you don’t mind waiting a while choose PRECISE. If you want the exchange RIGHT NOW, choose QUICK.


  • Next screen you will notice the stated exchange rate and the maximum you can exchange per trade. But don’t worry you can do this as much as you like! The first address field is where you want your Bitcoin sent to, make sure to double and triple check this. (you don’t want someone else getting your loot right? ) Then input your bch refund address, this will be where any “dust” left over from the transaction settles to.
initiate exchange
  • In the next phase you’re going to be presented with the payment screen, simple scan the QR code or copy the pay to address and amount to your wallet of choice to issue the EXACT payment specified.
  • You are DONE! Wait patiently for your deposit to be confirmed and receive your crypto of each choice.
Just like that your exchange is done!

All said and done, the longest part of this process is waiting for the block confirmations on the deposit and receipt. We would absolutely recommend using Shapeshift the next time you need to make an exchange and can’t be bothered with the registration and KYC BS.

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