How do I buy Bitcoin right now?

How do I buy Bitcoin today?

The answer to this common question just got much better for those U.S. Checking account holders.

Coinbase has announced they will allow new users to purchase their first Bitcoin within 10 minutes!


The previous policy of instant Bitcoin purchases was only granted to established customers with 30 days or more membership on the site and who had made at least a single purchase.

How does this work?

The process is simple:

1) Sign up for a coinbase account

2) Attach a checking account

3) Verify the trial deposits ( these will appear in pending transactions on your online bank account almost immediately)

4) Buy your first Bitcoin instantly!

That’s it! its really that easy.

TeamBitcoin has used coinbase for several months now and we have been pleased with their website and suite of tools. Just as a small caveat, coinbase is NOT a trading platform so you will need to open an account one of the other trading platform sites.

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