Can Migrant Workers fuel Bitcoin’s growth?

The economist reported in 2008 that the previous year there was an estimated $337 billion in remittances sent by an estimated 190 million migrant workers. The remittance costs for this came at percentages ranging from 1.5% on the low end

Coinsetter Beta Walk-through screenshots

We received our beta testing code for Coinsetter today and jumped right into give it a test spin. Coinsetter is the new exchange on the block offering margin trading options. For more details on the company and its founders click

Bitcoin is going Viral , reaches $750.00

Team Bitcoin has been hesitant in posting bullish rah rah articles in recent weeks as bitcoin has surged in price breaking all time highs on an almost daily basis. While we are of course long-term bulls for bitcoin it has

How do I buy Bitcoin right now?

How do I buy Bitcoin today? The answer to this common question just got much better for those U.S. Checking account holders. Coinbase has announced they will allow new users to purchase their first Bitcoin within 10 minutes! BUY BITCOIN

Bitcoin Now Integrated with Shopify!

Bubbling up from the usual channels is some great news for small business who want to get started accepting Bitcoin. On a support forum on Shopify, an employee responded stating the Bitcoin integration for the platform is now available though