Bitcoin Attends G8 Summit

The news of the day appears to be the bold move by Mt. GOX to take out a full page spread in the G8 Research Groups Official Magazine. The G8 is a representative group of the top 8 world economies whose leaders meet annually to discuss some of the key economic and social concerns of the day. The still struggling economy in the Europe and the USA is going to be a key topic for the summit as will dealing with emerging conflicts in Syria and other parts of the world. In the past summit topics have included climate change and addressing hunger in sub-Saharan Africa. 

The move by Mt. GOX is sure to keep the Bitcoin’s surging popularity in the sights of policy makers. The full page add features an illustration of the worlds popular currencies sitting around a board room table and Bitcoin is entering the room, presumably to take the Bosses seat at the head of the table. The message at the bottom of the advertisement states, “Come in and join us”. An invitation from the G8 Countries to have a seat a the table with the major league world currencies. 

Enthusiast were bubbling with excitement on forums across the web but what will really be the impact on Bitcoin’s future if any? The G8 largely represents the old guard establishment, they don’t even entertain Brazil and China as members despite their buzzing economies taking top spots on the top ten list. So what if any would be the expected reaction here? The optimist in us hopes this will lead to some meaningful discussion about Bitcoin amongst the G8 attendees. However the skeptic in me can’t help but believe these suits are terrified of the change Bitcoin is poised to bring to the world economy and will do whatever they can to sabotage it. And then there is the third and more likely option where these G8 leaders spend about as much time reading the G8 Research Group Official Magazine as you or I spend reading Jahova’s Witness pamphlets. 

Yes it has been a slow news week for Bitcoin. 🙂  

Download G8 Research Group Official Magazine 2013



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