Bitfloor’s Customers May See Resolution Soon

In a non-official update from the AudenX email list there has allegedly been significant traction in the process to return funds to Bitfloor’s Depositors. These funds have been in limbo Since early April when the website’s main bank account was abruptly closed without notice.  

In the email their was indication that Roman the owner/Operator of Bitfloor had successfully found a bank willing to work with them. An Internet Credit Union (ICU) representative spoke to AudenX and confirmed an account has been opened and they are working through the logistics of configuring the account for ACH transfers. A potential delay could be the Banks Counsel checking on the requirement for ICU to do its own customer verification. Bitfloor already has done account verification on its customers requiring ACH transfer so it is only a question of if ICU also needs to perform this function as well.  

While none of this is coming from official Bitfloor communications channels since Bitfloor has gone radio silent for nearly a month, it looks to be that there is finally light at the end of the tunnel for hundreds of Bitfloor customers awaiting a safe return of their deposits. 


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