DigitalMagus7 Release Bitcoin 2013 Conference Video

If you couldn’t make it the Bitcoin 2013 conference in person, have no fear a generous Bitcoin enthusiast has made a 17 video playlist from the event available on youtube.  

Team Bitcoin gives this guy a lot of props for putting this together so if you enjoy it don’t forget to tip him out here:

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Bitcoin 2013 playlist


1) Kick-off night. (Winklevoss Facebook twins + Peter Vessenes of Bitcoin Foundation)

2) Entering the Convention Center

3) Will Bitcoin Change the Payments Landscape?

4) Decentralized [stock] share issueing

5) Integration with Modern Financial Systems (Bitcoin merchant software for online retailers)

6) Issues of Regulatory Compliance

7) Decentralized Mixers (Transaction anonymity)

8) Avalon ASICs with Yifu

9) Alt-chains panel (litecoin, terracoin, ripple, friedcoin)

10) Zerocoin (Making bitcoin completely anonymous)

11) SCIP: Advanced Math can shrink blockchain size + other applications of SCIP

12) Mining Pool Reward Methods

13) Bitcoin in the future

14) Cash Deposits, Challenges & Ideas (

15) Driving Business Adoption (

16) Security

17) Decentralized Mixers (Protocol for transaction anonymity)


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