Bitcoin Attends G8 Summit

The news of the day appears to be the bold move by Mt. GOX to take out a full page spread in the G8 Research Groups Official Magazine. The G8 is a representative group of the top 8 world economies

IRS to crack down on Bitcoin Tax Evasion

This is one of the more funny “news” articles floating around the web today. Financial Times has reported that Bitcoin and other virtual currencies are going to come under closer scrutiny in the days ahead as they are an apparently

Bitfloor’s Customers May See Resolution Soon

In a non-official update from the AudenX email list there has allegedly been significant traction in the process to return funds to Bitfloor’s Depositors. These funds have been in limbo Since early April when the website’s main bank account was

Sky is Falling (Again) According to American Banker

In an article titled “The Last Straw For Bitcoin”  the author spends 2 whole pages describing why in his opinion Bitcoin has already been dealt a death blow. They make two, actually make that three, of the most common and

DigitalMagus7 Release Bitcoin 2013 Conference Video

If you couldn’t make it the Bitcoin 2013 conference in person, have no fear a generous Bitcoin enthusiast has made a 17 video playlist from the event available on youtube.   Team Bitcoin gives this guy a lot of props

Khan Academy Releases Bitcoin Learning Video

Bitcoin Learning Khan Academy the free learning website has taken notice of Bitcoin and released an excellent video. Bitcoin seems daunting on the surface to many non-IT people. The word cryptography or encryption is enough for most people to zone

Bitcoins Desirable Characteristics

Bitcoin has several desirable qualities that make it an attractive option to today’s paper fiat currency. This article will kick off a series focusing on the unique characteristics and qualities that make Bitcoins stand out as a leader of currencies.