Unofficial update to the Bitfloor Saga

Bitfloor Closure Update
Bitfloor Closure Update

A Reddit user, AudenX, has pioneered the effort to keep the resolution of the Bitfloor situation moving forward. In an email sent out to concerned Bitfloor customers who have money tied up with Bitfloor since the sudden shut down over a month ago, AudenX claims to have spoken to Roman the operator of Bitfloor at the Bitcoin 2013 Conference.   

The email states that in the short exchange, Roman indicated that the check for the remaining balance of Bitfloor’s funds still remains un-cashed as the search for a bank that will accommodate the dispersement of the funds back to the user’s continues. 

Apparently, banks aren’t leaping at the opportunity to help give the money back to its rightful owners. AudenX also indicated in the email while at the Bitcoin 2013 conference they came across Bitcoin friendly law firm that recommended seeking out a specific silicon valley based bank to see if they would be open to facilitating the safe return of the funds.

So in summary, the account balances of Bitfloor’s users still appear to be safe and sound but there is no firm evidence of a resolution any time soon. Hopefully for those wishing to get their cash back some headway may be made with this Bitcoin friendly bank in Silicon Valley. 

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