How can I contribute to Bitcoin?

This question is incredibly common among newcomers and veterans to Bitcoin. Even if you are not technical you can still make an impact to Bitcoin today by sponsoring Bitcoin Developers. Bitcoin is an open source project that relies on the

Bitcoin Lightning Network Infographic

/u/billycoin put together a fantastic infographic that we just had to share with everyone. If you were struggling to understand the use cases for Bitcoin Lightning Network or how it will look once adopted look no further. The png pdf

Bitcoin Lightning Network – Ultimate Resource List

Shoutout to /u/codedaway for doing the legwork here in compiling this Bitcoin Lightning Network mega list and spreading the word about the lightning network. ⚡What is the Lightning Network? ⚡ Explanations: Lightning Network Lightning Labs Lightning FAQ – Audun Gulbrandsen

Protecting your Bitcoin Wallet Recovery Seed with Stegonography and Encryption

Bitcoin and Stegonography   Bitcoin wallets already contain methods for encrypting your wallet private keys and recovery seed words with a passphrase. So if you have that and are happy with it, this technique probably isn’t for you. Stegonography is

WARNING: is a Roger Ver fraud duping visitors into buying Bcash (BCH) instead of Bitcoin (BTC)

Normally, I would consider our position on the crypto-markets as a whole as very egalitarian. We don’t seek to use our website to talk poorly about other crypto currencies or projects in the space. However, there is a great fraud

Unboxing and Setup of a Trezor Bitcoin Hardware Wallet

Trezor Unboxing We recently located an unopened trezor in our stash so we decided to deliver a quick two part video showing the unboxing and initial setup. The interesting part of the unboxing was the difficulty in actually opening the

Bitcoin SEGWIT wallet support

Yes SEGWIT (Segregated Witness) is finally here! But if you are like us we wanted to know how can we use it? Of course if you are advanced you can build your own transaction from scratch but we won’t be covering

Shapeshifting your way to more Bitcoin!

Or should we say how to sell your Bcash (BCH) for Bitcoin! In light of recent events in the Bitcoin space specifically that of the new forked coin on the scene called Bcash (BCH), we finally looked into the

3 Reasons You Should Buy Bitcoin with your credit card went public with their bitcoin wallet service today after a much anticipated invite only “beta test” period. The anticipation has been mostly around their ability to offer bitcoin purchases to individuals internationally. 1) Its easy. Registration is a snap. We

Bitpay’s Big Announcement & Wikipedia Accepting Bitcoin

A couple of big announcements in the Bitcoin ecosystem today. The first coming from Bitpay who announced its new fee structure for merchants that will allow for FREE UNLIMITED processing of Bitcoin transactions Forever! That’s right, for the basic plan